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3rd floor, Fars Gulf Commercial Office Complex, Jey St. Rhshe St. Isfahan

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About Yetta Dam Parshin

Yekta Dam Persian Production Group has started operating in 2012 with the support of more than 20 years in the livestock and poultry industry together with scientific experts and with the aim of growing and developing the livestock, poultry and aquatic industry in the country.

The policy of this company is to use the latest scientific achievements in the world in order to produce all kinds of concentrates and supplements for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals, as well as the specialized import and distribution of the most up-to-date and efficient feed additives. In this regard, by the grace of Almighty God and relying on the knowledge of expert colleagues in the form of the strongest scientific experts of livestock, poultry and aquatics in the country, he has provided services in order to perform this task as best as possible.

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livestock supplement

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birds feed supplement

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The effort to identify and meet the real needs of the customer has led us to evaluate the needs of the customers with specialized groups and to produce the best possible products based on their needs. In this regard, experienced and scientific experts have been used in the company’s commercial and after-sales services department to serve customers as best as possible.

Supervisors and managers of different production units of Yekta Dam Persian Trading Group are looking for ways to advance the livestock, poultry and aquatic industry by respecting the rights of consumers and increasing the economic value of producers’ products. Among other concerns for the managers and supervisors of the company, it is possible to point out solutions for the creation and development of specialized knowledge of nutrition in the livestock, poultry and aquatic industry, which will be done in addition to providing products to customers using scientific and specialized teams. took In general, it can be said that the main philosophy of the managers and supervisors of Yekta Dam Persian Production Group is to value the needs of the customers and match the company’s products with the needs of the customers by observing the highest level of quality in the manufactured products.

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